Signature Brush Set


Type your paragraDesigned in consultation with Donna Dewberry, the original creator of the One Stroke method, to work with her painting technique, this 13-piece Signature Brush Collection features a specialized bristle design that produces accurate and beautiful here.

More Info: Set includes Flats: #6, #12, #16, 3/4"; Scruffy: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4"; 8 Round, 5/8" Angle, 10 Filbert, 2 Script Liner, Feather, Fan brush



Brush Caddy


Take your brushes along in this handled caddy that holds 5 brushes inside lid, which doubles as a brush stand. Caddy can dry up to 17 brushes with bristles up or down and easily stores 2 oz. paint bottles.

These are my favorite tools. 

Paint Pallet 


Durable, handy accessory keeps paint and tools at your fingertips. Featuring numerous paint wells, spaces for brushes and paper towel. Designed for left or right-handed painters. Palette holds 9" disposable foam plate for easy clean up.

Double Loading Carousel


The perfect accessory for your paint palette! Carousel fits into center of palette and locks securely in place. Dampen included sponge and seal the lid to preserve your paints -- making it possible for you to save your paints for the next day, without having to re-mix! Carousel has 16 wells with walls, plus one in the center with a separate lid.

10 Pack Brushes


Set includes

6 Flats: #2 #6, #8 #10, #12, 3/4"

Scruffy: 1/2", 3/4"

2 Script Liner brushes